The Top 4 YouTube Cover Channels You Should Be Following

As a fellow YouTube cover singer, I can appreciate a good cover channel. These guys below are doing it right when it comes to their YouTube channels, boasting millions of followers and millions more views on their covers. These guys have already been noticed by millions and are already in the works of their own original music and releases thanks to the success of their cover videos. Any singer, especially if you’re trying to get into making cover videos, should follow these channels below. 

William Singe

Subscribers: 1.8 million

Alex Aiono

Subscribers: 4.5 million

Conor Maynard

Subscribers: 4.4 million

Leroy Sanchez

Subscribers: 2.6 million

Which channel/singer do you think tops this list? Is there another channel/singer who should be on this list? Let me know your thoughts!

#youtube #singing #cover #williamsinge #alexaiono #conormaynard #leroysanchez


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