Why Every Singer Should Make YouTube Covers

If you’re an aspiring singer who wants to get your name out to the masses, get discovered and possibly land a record deal or makes tons of money off YouTube, then you should be making cover videos on YouTube. Here’s why:

Justin Bieber. That’s why. Just kidding. But seriously, Justin Bieber started off uploading videos of his performances before he was a teenager and those videos were watched by Island Def Jam execs who contacted Bieber for a deal that would change his life forever. He’s not the only one, though. Check out this list I found of 25 Celebrities Who Got Rich & Famous on YouTube.

What I’m getting at is YouTube is the perfect way for you to get your name and voice out there. YouTube has over 1 billion users worldwide (nearly one-third of the world’s population) according to YouTube’s own website. Imagine being able to share your talent with these billions of people and, with a lucky shot, a record executive or someone in the music industry that can lead you to a chance at stardom. You never know who could be watching your videos that can change your life.

Besides that, your videos could reach the masses and you’d have the opportunity to build a huge fan base that can extend across countries and people of all ages and backgrounds. Share your music to the world and upload that video! YouTube covers allow singers to showcase their talent in singing popular songs. Listeners will probably compare you to the original artist, but if they love your cover, then you’ll gain subscribers and a dedicated fan base!

I’ve had my own luck making YouTube covers since 2007 on my channel, which I would appreciate if you check out here, and I’ve been able to acquire 3.4 million views worldwide. I regretfully stopped making videos for a few years. Now I’m seeing a skyrocketing growth of covers and “Cover Celebrities” like Alex Aiono and Alex Singe who are now on a joint tour together because of how popular they’re covers have become. Alex Singe recently signed a record deal with RCA based on his huge YouTube fan base and creative YouTube covers.

Man, I wish I would’ve stayed in the game. Back on it now. You should too! All you have to do is sign up with YouTube and start uploading videos of you singing! There are plenty of tips online for creating videos, getting views, and even tips on getting paid for your covers!

P.S. if you need singing tips, I’ve got a great blog post for you!

Please check out my latest cover video here:


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