Ariana Grande & John Legend’s ‘Beauty and the Beast’ Music Video Release: Better or Worse than Original?

The official music video for Ariana Grande & John Legend’s version of famous Disney song, ‘Beauty and the Beast’ was released yesterday (watch video below) and many are already comparing this modern version to past renditions of the song.

This year, Disney will be releasing the remake of famous feature film, Beauty and the Beast. With the release of this movie coming up, Disney had to have the remake song to match. Two top musical icons of today, Ariana Grande & John Legend came together to sing their rendition of this Disney classic, but how does this version stack up against the original single recorded by Celine Dion and Peabo Bryson in 1991?

The new video itself is better than the original thanks to technology. As for the new rendition, as much as I love Ariana and John and their rendition of this song, I still feel like the original version with Celine and Peabo is the best. The OG version sounds timeless and magical, whereas the new rendition sounds too Pop for my old soul tastes. I’m always a fan of Ariana’s riffs and John’s tone, both of which are so beautiful, but this time I had to stick with the original as my favorite version. Maybe I’m just old fashion.

Watch the two videos below and tell me what you think!

YouTube: DisneyMusicVEVO

YouTube: Matt Charles


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