A Day in The Recording Studio

This year has got to be the year of productivity and singing gains when it comes to my music endeavors. I cannot wait for you guys to hear what I have in store for this year! I’ve been working on my original music as well as starting to make YouTube covers again. YouTube is a great outlet for aspiring musicians and singers to get their name out there and is where many celebrities got their start like one of my favorites: Justin Bieber. A cover is basically one’s version or rendition of a song. There’s got to be millions of covers of so many songs out there I can’t even count. Many people make a career out of singing covers and some even get famous like one of my favorites, Michael Buble (even though he actually has his own original hits).

Today I went to Mestre Quality Studio in Kissimmee, Florida and they hooked a girl up! I definitely recommend them if you’re going to be doing some recording in Florida! I don’t want to say too much about what is in the works but all I can tell you guys is stay tuned!

Me in the studio working on a musical project! More details to come soon. Stay tuned!

Just to give anyone who has never recorded in a studio before, here are a little main pointers:

1 – Focus: I only make this the first point because when you’re recording your song, it has to be the best of you and what you can bring to the table as an artist. Don’t leave anything in your recording that you don’t like or sounds off. If there is a flaw in the song, just think about how many people are going to hear that flaw over and over again. So just do it right during recording and make sure you are happy with what you recorded. Don’t be afraid to say, “let’s do that line again,”. Be prepared to sing one line of a verse over and over until it comes out the way you want it to. It’s all good because that’s what studio recording is for.

2 – Practice your song: If at all possible, practice your song ahead of time. MAKE NOTES of how a certain line or note should be, where you need to pause, things you want to change, areas where there can be harmonies. So many things to think about when recording, because again, you just want it to be your best product. If you were to submit your EP to a record label, you’ve only got that one shot to impress.

Side note – It’s good to practice, but also be creative! A lot of great things happen in the spur of the moment. Sometimes you’re just playing around and you get the best material you’ve ever written or ever played or ever sang.

3 – Have fun and relax: There is a lot to think about mentally when trying to record a song, but you got to have fun while doing it and don’t stress yourself out! If you’re not enjoying what you’re doing, then why even do it? It’s about great music in the studio and being able to record what you love to do and have fun while doing it.

Good luck to you in your musical endeavours!

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