Valencia College East Campus Holds “Under The Stars” Talent Competition

As if Valencia College in Orlando, Florida couldn’t be more of a great college, but their Open Mic Night “Under The Stars” Talent Competition at the East Campus was none like any other. Students got to showcase their talent this past Wednesday, March 1st in the outside mall area of the campus. Whether it was singing, acting, dancing, or poetry, you could come on stage and show everyone what you got! 1st, 2nd, and 3rd prize each won a grand prize! It was truly a night to remember.

I decided to come out and compete in the talent show just to gain some exposure for my singing as well as network with other students and, let me tell you, there was so much talent than I expected! The competition roster was FULL, with 21 students performing, all with different acts ranging from singing to comedy to playing instruments and poetry. I thought everyone was so talented!

Tweet from @VanessaQMusic Live Coverage of Open Mic Night

During the competition, I tweeted live updates via my Twitter account (@VanessaQMusic) featuring many of the various performers of the night and even posted my first Live video via Twitter! First time for everything!

I was second to perform, with my nerves wracking and heartbeat racing. I sing every single day and perform in front of so many people, but something hits me inside when I realize I’m in a competition and I’m being judged. There were 4 judges right in front of me as well as the crowded audience. So I felt my voice get shaky when I started. I don’t know why I get like this, but I just try to forget it and do my best. I feel like the rest of the song was solid once I got a hold of myself.

My “check” for  $50 for winning 3rd Place!

I ended up winning 3rd Place and a prize of $50! YAY! I was actually surprised because even though I felt like I did a good job, every other contestant did a great job that even the judges said the decision was so hard for them.

2nd Place winner was a comedian named Hannibel, who was hilarious! I loved how he went into the center of the crowd to perform his act as it made it more personable and intimate. All this together made his act amazing! He won $75 for 2nd Place.

1st Place Winners singer their winning song

1st Place winners were duet partners who rocked the stage! I feel so bad I didn’t get their names. (insert monkey-hiding-his-face emoji here) But they rocked their song with a mix of english and spanish and beautiful harmonies. They rocked it! They won the grand prize of the night of $100!

Everyone who competed got a free T-shirt, food, and fun times! A great night with so much talent. I can’t wait for the next Open Mic Night!


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