Q+A: Gerald Law on Music and His New Song, “Royal”

Gerald Law is a seasoned musician here in Florida. Honestly, he’s one of the best drummers I’ve ever met. Period. He’s basically on his way to stardom and I am humbled to be able to feature him on my blog! He’s gained much success with his music and consistently performs with many acts and major venues, as well as tons of studio sessions. If you’re a music lover like I am, he is definitely an artist to keep an eye out for because there’s only great things to come.

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Gerald just released his newest song titled, “Royal”,  which you can watch here:

I sat down with Gerald and asked him some questions on “Royal”, as well as his musical background and some tips from the pro, himself.

First off, why/where did you start playing and what was your inspiration?

I started playing at my original church back in Sarasota, FL. The entire environment was music driven so it was meant to be for me.

How would you say you got where you are today?

I got where I am today by way of the people who would not let me just slide by. I have had people who were not afraid to tell me when I was mediocre and who would literally get upset to their core when I wouldn’t play the way they knew I could.

What are your long-term plans with your music?

I plan on creating music that lasts forever. At this point, I’m still experimenting with my writing and discovering my voice, but I do know I wanna my music to feel good and I want it to make everyone who listens to feel good.

Gerald Law in action. [Image: RTW Photography]

What do you feel are areas you need to work on?

Areas I need to work on. Just consistency in general. Once I can lock that down, I can reach anything.

What was the inspiration behind your new song, “Royal”?

The inspiration behind my song “Royal” is actually my student, whose name is Royal lol. He created a beat in one of our lessons and I loved the vibe. It’s actually more evident in the “Part 2” that’ll be released on my project. But he played something I was teaching him so wrong, but with so much feeling and I told him I was gonna create something from it. I brought it to life.

So what was Royal’s reaction to the song?

(Gerald relays a text from Royal’s mom when he first heard the song):

Royal said: “Oh my gosh! That’s Mr. Gerald. I didn’t recognize him in his photo. I actually do remember that beat! It’s titled in my name, that’s so cool!”

What tips can you give for aspiring musicians and people in the music industry in general?

A tip that I can give is to always put all of you into the music. We have so many opportunities to play that we may take it for granted. That’s not fair to our gift or the music. Leave it all on the stage every time. The music always deserves your best.

After having this conversation with Gerald, I realized that not only is he a talented and passionate musician, but also a good person at heart whose got a lot of great things going for him now and in the future. I can’t wait to see what else I know he will achieve.
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