Grammy Performances Work Wonders on The Billboard Charts

Billboard’s Artist 100 List clearly shows how big a Grammy performance (or even constant TV exposure) can really help artists in ranks. Billboard calculates their list from radio airplay, sales data, streaming data, and social activity. I’m seeing a trend in increasing rank for those artists who performed this past Sunday, Feb. 12 for the 59th annual Grammy Awards.

The big Billboard Artist 100 winner this week is…

59th GRAMMY Awards -  Show
Lady Gaga and Metallica perform during the 59th Grammy Awards (Image from

Lady Gaga soared to #1 on Billboard’s 100 list for the week of Feb. 25, 2017. Last week she was at #61, but consistent exposure and playtime helped her ranking skyrocket. First, her halftime show performance at the 2017 Super Bowl gave fans a “Million Reasons” to love her (referring to her new hit single of her album Joanne). Then, she performed with legendary rock band, Metallica, during the Grammy Awards. Great job, Gaga. Her efforts paid off and she rose 60 ranks to No. 1!

The top 5 on the Billboard’s list are mainly artists who just performed on this past Sunday’s Grammy Awards, with the exception of rapper Big Sean, who also had a big jump on the list from #21 to #2 right behind Gaga with the launch of his new album, I Decided, which is his second album to reach the #1 spot on Billboard’s 200 Chart

Followed by Big Sean in the Top 5 are fellow 2017 Grammy Award performers Ed Sheeran, Bruno Mars, and The Weeknd (below images from, who have actually dropped spots in ranks but still remain in the Top 5 (thanks to all the buzz with their performances on The Grammy Awards, which you can read about here.

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