2017 Super Bowl Halftime Show: Lady Gaga, Drones, Tony Bennett and Wardrobe Malfunctions

What we’ve all been waiting for is finally here: the 2017 Super Bowl will take off tomorrow, February 5th on FOX and the New England Patriots will take on the Atlanta Falcons in Houston. Football fans all over the world are gearing up for their Super Bowl party festivities: burgers and hotdogs to fire up on the grill, chips, dip, and plenty of beer for the big game.

That’s all going to be fun and dandy, but music fans are gearing up for something better: the world-famous halftime show, where music superstars like Michael Jackson, Madonna, Justin Timberlake and Bruno Mars have graced the stage with powerhouse performances. In fact, it’s the only reason I watch the Super Bowl at all (besides the infamous Super Bowl commercials). Each year you wait and see what the next superstar is going to bring to the table. You plant your eyes on the TV screen for that opening number, waiting to be amazed. And maybe to look out for a trip or wardrobe malfunction somewhere along the way.

This year I am so excited to see Lady Gaga, a music icon, perform on the world’s biggest stage during the Super Bowl halftime show. I was in awe when she performed the National Anthem for the 2016 Super Bowl, with such poise and perfection. She truly is one of those singers in the industry today that can actually “sang”. Not sing. “SANG”. It was one of the best National Anthems I’ve seen performed for the Super Bowl, somewhere behind Whitney Houston’s legendary National Anthem performance back in 1991 at Super Bowl XXV. For the record, I don’t think any performance could top Whitney’s, but Gaga’s was definitely up there in the top 5. This year, country singer Luke Bryan is set to sing the National Anthem and, being a fan of Luke, I am super excited to see how his performance will come out.

In case you missed her performance of the Star Spangled Banner before the 2016 Super Bowl, here it is off the LadyGagaVEVO channel on YouTube:

Lady Gaga performing the National Anthem at the 2016 Super Bowl

But back to Gaga: she is set to pull out all the shots to be the best halftime show that ever was, featuring  hundred of lit-up drones flying around during her performance, from CNN Tech. Worlds will collide as she plans to sing along side music legend, Tony Bennett during her Super Bowl halftime concert, according to CBS Sports. Tony Bennett, now 90 years old, is a living legend, having performed with fellow crooners Frank Sinatra and Dean Martin and winning many awards and hits to his name. A perfect combination of old school and new school, Bennett and Gaga had a very successful album together titled, “Cheek to Cheek”, released in 2014 and  a tour followed that I’m sad I couldn’t go to. Gaga and Bennett’s album was a refreshing update to many of the old-time classics like the album’s title, “Cheek to Cheek” and “I Won’t Dance”.

H&M Holiday 2014
Lady Gaga with Tony Bennett (from vancitybuzz.com)

I’m all for the oldies but goodies and bringing together the old and young, but I’m wondering how this mid-tempo, big band duo will play out at the Super Bowl, where we’re so used to high-energy performances with intense choreography like we saw at the 2016 Super Bowl halftime show with Coldplay featuring Beyoncé and Bruno Mars. Click here to watch their performance. So how do you go from “Viva La Vida” and “Uptown Funk” to “Cheek to Cheek”? I’m wondering how Gaga will play this off and who else, if any, she will perform with?

Janet Jackson covering up after a wardrobe malfunction while performing with Justin Timberlake at Super Bowl XXXVIII (from Fox News)

Ah, doesn’t that picture bring back memories? If you weren’t around in 2004, this was the last time the Super Bowl was in Houston. Many of us that remember this performance remember the infamous wardrobe malfunction with Janet Jackson, who was performing alongside Justin Timberlake as he rips part of her top off during their “Rock Your Body” performance. It was a day that lives in infamy for Super Bowl performances, following much controversy.

“Everything’s going to be nice and tight for the game, so I wouldn’t worry about that”, was Gaga’s response when asked about any potential wardrobe malfunction during her performance. Let’s hope so, Miss Gaga, but in today’s world, that may actually make her more famous if it does happen because, you know, controversy = fame (think Britney Spears kissing Madonna at the MTV Music Awards or Donald Trump becoming the United States President in 2017).

I don’t know about you, but I’m still going to watch for those what-if’s. That may sound a little bad, but we just got over 2016 so what else could be worse. With all this in mind, I’m looking forward to a good game and a great performance from Lady Gaga and whatever she brings upon stage. Who woulda thought, “Lady Gaga + drones +Tony Bennett = best Super Bowl performance of all time (?)”.

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