Slay, Queen Bey! Beyonce and The Formation World Tour

Music icon. Singer. Dancer. Performer. Producer. Truly “Irreplaceable”. As of 2017, Beyoncé is a household name for music lovers. She is one of the most influential artists to many in the music industry because she brings unstoppable energy and choreography, all while unleashing a vocal ability unlike any other with a huge repertoire of hit songs. She truly “slays” every performance  (referring to her popular lyrics in her single, ‘Formation’)! So I only felt like my very first blog post should be about this true music icon.

Surprisingly, many critiques may say that Beyoncé is overrated, or not as good as fans make her out to be. You can check out the debate by clicking here to go to the topic on Coming from someone like me, who sings for a living and wants nothing more in this world than to be as big an artist as Beyoncé, she truly is the epitome of a true performer. It’s not just me. Many musicians, singers, and performers, even dancers and actresses strive to be like this woman. Not only that, but girls and women look up to Queen Bey for her vision of women empowerment in many of her #1’s. Yes, many people refer to her as a diva, but I believe she has every reason to be called a diva. Even Billboard said it themselves, Beyoncé may be the “hardest working woman in showbiz”. She sings without even losing a breath, while she’s dancing to intense choreography. Just try to follow her choreography and lyrics to ‘Single Ladies’ for two minutes and tell me if you don’t get tired. I’ve personally tried this and, let me tell you, it is not easy. Not only that, but this woman writes, dances, produces, acts, has her own clothing and perfume line. It’s only up from here for her.

Picture from Beyoncé’s Formation World Tour (

I was able to witness Beyoncé’s amazingness during her Formation World Tour in Tampa, Florida in April, 2016. It has always been my dream to go to one of her concerts to see if her performance would be all I thought it would be: powerful, flawless, and effortless. I was able to get field seat tickets right next to the sound booth,where Beyoncé’s sound is controlled for the audience as well as Beyoncé and her band. The sound booth was where I’ve got a sight of Jay-Z, but I will get to that later.

The night couldn’t have been more perfect. Beyoncé’s concert was packed as I expected. The concert was held at Raymond James Stadium, so you can see the night sky from  your seats. Not to mention it was a beautiful night in Florida, so it was a pretty awesome already. Fans had their best outfits on and were ready to let the concert begin. The concert started with the opening acts: rapper Kent Jones and mega-hit producer, DJ Khaled, who is known for his famous hits with artists like Drake, Lil Wayne, and Chris Brown. If you’re a fan of DJ Khaled and his hits, you would’ve definitely enjoyed it! After that, a giant LED screen block appeared on the stage as we watched clips of Beyoncé as the block rotated on the stage. We knew it was time.

Picture from Beyoncé’s Formation World Tour (

Beyoncé’s performance started with a bang, literally. Smoke effects shot out their cannons and Beyoncé’s hit song, ‘Formation’ was on. Everybody was hyped and screaming. She came out just as she did in the music video. Then it was on. Singing and choreography on point. Even her dancers were perfectly in sync. Everyone went wild. Throughout the entire concert, Beyoncé’s stamina never seemed to run out and her vocal chords never seemed to be tired. I was amazed! Especially when she sang her bigger, more popular songs like ‘Crazy in Love’ and ‘Halo’. I couldn’t help but sing along with her. It was the best musical experiences of my life to witness the Queen Bey.

One of the best parts of the night:

I even witnessed her husband and global rap icon, Jay Z in the sound booth along with their daughter, Blue Ivy, and Beyoncé’s mother! Nobody would’ve known they were watching her show if they weren’t sitting next to the sound booth! I felt like I got an extra treat just to see them. The funny thing was that my mom was with me and she had no idea what Jay Z looked like. I told my mom, “Look! It’s Jay Z!”. Jay Z looked right our way and my mom just said, “Who is that?”. I died laughing. Unfortunately, no one could take pictures by the time we realized they were all there because security was so tight and we were told we’d be kicked out if we took a picture. Totally understandable considering their daughter, Blue (a toddler), was there.

The only thing that I didn’t like was actually most of the songs she sang that were off her Lemonade album. Being a huge Beyoncé fan, I was a little let down by her songs off this album. I’m so used to those ‘Halo’ or ‘Listen’ type songs where she actually belts out beautiful notes and lyrics, that was a little disappointed hearing her more edgy, Rihanna-ish songs. I thought to myself, “you’re Beyoncé! Not Rihanna, so stay like that!” It was a little upsetting actually. In the music industry, artists often have to switch up their music style to keep up with today’s ever-changing society. I feel like Bey wanted to go a more darker, edgier route this time than her usual diva, girl-power persona AKA Sasha Fierce that we’re used to. How do you feel about this?

Nonetheless, Beyoncé and the concert was spectacular! I cannot wait to see what Queen Bey will come up with!

You can click here to go to her website  if you want to stay up-to-date on new music and concert dates.

In case you want a snip of what the Formation World Tour concert was like, here’s a video I found off of YouTube which highlights the beginning of the show:

Thank you for reading!

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